About Data Duck Company

Combination of data analytics and software fosters your bussiness optimization.

MISSION:Our mission is providing data analytics products and services that just work. As simple as it is possible.


  • Risk Models
  • Customer analytics
  • Data Minig (Data Science)
  • Data Processing


  • Finance (Loan companies, Leasing)
  • Media (VOD, Portals)
  • Telecommunication
  • And other (which is yours?)


What we offer


Platform that makes model deployment an easy task


Effects of hard work brought to you with delight

The next one

Soon we will share that with You.

Risk models

Managing risk is simpler with our models built upon your data

Data visualisation

We create great custom made data visualisations

Data Processing

We help you in organizing and processing data


Scoring made easy

The ScoringDuck.com is a platform for making scoring model deployment an easy task.

Consulting services

We provide consulting services suited for you bussiness. Combination of data analytics and software makes it possible to optimize key processes in the organization.

How do we work ?

First we meet and talk about your bussiness, key issues that you have and how can we solve them together. When we both get the same understanding of challanges and find out that data analytics is helpfull with them, the raw estimates of the effort is prepared based on aggregate data provided by you and our knowledge.


  • Understanding the challange
  • Understanding your bussiness
  • Proposing solution
What happens next if the projects gets a green light? Since the final outcome is still uncertain we propose to run two-phase project. In the first phase we create a prototype of the final solution with containing the essence of the solution and we run it either as a simulation or in production. So your risk is minimized and we both observe real (measured) potential sooner than later.

Project phases:

  • Designing concept
  • Getting data (internal && external)
  • Preparing the data
  • Modelling & Evaluation
  • Deployment
  • Post evaluation
What happens next if the outcome is fine ? We can go full-scale, get the project done with all details, infrastructure and developement needed.

So far we haven't used any technial jargon like Deep Learning, AI, ML, ROC, Gini or whatever. It is so, because we understand that it has no value for your bussiness unless it's applied properly.


What have we done so far

Loan company from Nordics

We provided scoring models, data visualisation and data processing

Online microfactoring company from Poland

We provided consulting services in area of credit risk. In addition we provided data visualisation and developed scoring technology

Video on demand platform

We provided consulting services in area of BigData analytics based on Hadoop platform. The structure of data warehouse was developed including ETL jobs. In addition to that predictive models were created for sake of portfolio optimization


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